Sunday, October 10, 2010

Online Store website review

Interface Design:
- Neatly structured, and good spacing between sections.
- Doesn't overcrowd because of the little texts.
- The links are in colours to emphasize importance.

- Numerous drop down menus of each sections.
- Good search feature makes it easier to look for stuff.
- Nice filters to find what user need.
- Different view types for user preference. Grid or list.

Look and feel:
- Much neater than amazon, since the interface are easy to look at and the contents don't overcrowd.

Graphic Design Studio website review
Interface Design:
- Minimal interface, the links are simple yet appealing
- Black background makes it look elegant
- The website is aligned to the left, it feels a little heavy on one side

Usability design:
- All the works are displayed in every pages, so everything is almost a gallery
- Not much difference in content for each pages. Kinda boring after awhile
- An overall ok website. But too little contents. Sometimes viewer likes a short descriptions of company or works.

Look and feel:
- No-nonsense attitude. Website was designed with no flair. Very straightforward
- Dark colours. Feels somewhat corporate, even for a design company.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Online magazine website review

Interface design:
- Simple and effective design of folder tab type links
- Catchy header, The images are different everytime
- A little tight on space, feels a little bit squashed
- White texts on black background makes them pop out

- Really down to earth links and website, no trouble for learnability
- Magazine preview is an interesting feature, it uses flash to display a small version of the contents of the chosen magazine (so they don't have to buy the magazine to look at the awesome images, unreadable texts though)
- It's almost a wall of texts, which is bad and boring although informative. little text is preferable
- "purchase magazine" goes to another link, kind of annoying

Look and feel:
- Not much, very general type of website
- At least the viewer will like the preview feature

Film promotional website review

The Ghost Writer is a psychological thriller movie directed by one of my favorite director, Roman Polanski. The story is about a recently hired journalist whose task was to write a memoir about a politician. During his stay, he discovers disturbing secrets from the politician. Driven by curiosity, the journalist started to investigate for more. However, his investigation does not go unnoticed.

The cool things about this websites are:
Interface design:
- The centred layout, it gives a theatrical feel
- Trailer at the start of the page
- Nice animations when changing page
- The color for the background is different at each page
- Simple links with underline rollover is nice
- Good use of space for the interface without covering the background images

Look and feel:
- Subtle texture adds a little uneasy feeling, but since it's a mystery movie it is justified
- Black and white colors gives a sophisticated feeling
- Big images on the background piqued some curiosity to the viewers

- Skippable trailer is always good thing
- Not much to click on except the links, user should be able to find everything

The bad things about this websites are:
- Entirely dependent on flash, those who don't have won't be able to view

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Website review

Mohammad Rahimi portfolio site is one of my favourite.

The cool things about this website are:
 Interface design:
- Effective use of colors to catch the eye
- Clean and minimal design
- Unique layouts
- Cool animations when changing pages

Look and feel:
- Some cute graphics to convey playful and professional at the same time
- Safe, because of the monotone
- Fun, because of the saturated colors

- Directly to the point, little text
- Little choices means it's easy to learn
- Include a link for flash player and html websites in case of failure

The bad things about this website are:
- Not enough space for content
- Resulting in small fonts and thumbnails