Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some inspiring animations

It's been a busy week, with multiple assignments due before easter break... I'm surprised I'm still alive. Anyway, to revive the blog I'll put some outstanding animations for inspiration.

First one is of course, from my 2 favourite artists, Sylvain Chomet and Evgeni Tomov, titled "The Illusionist". I haven't watch the film yet, but just by watching the trailer I already love it. Hand-drawn oldies nostalgic feel, what's not to like?

Second is a Russian animation titled "Only for Dogs". Again I'm in love with the quirky characters and the color-pencil background. The story is just a simple life of a dog who goes to a club only for dogs. I found the mood very easygoing, plus the jazz music is good too.

Third one is a bit dark. The animation is again about dogs, but with a more realistic feel. Watercolor background gives a very melancholy feel, which is appropriate as the story is sad. Somehow I'm fascinated with the Russian language, the way they speak is depressingly romantic. It's quite long so it has to split into 2 parts

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