Friday, April 8, 2011

Change of concept

The story of current concept is uninteresting in my opinion. I'll change the concept to something more dark and gloomy. Not all life are the birds the bees and all that jazz I guess. Something more original, something more vague, something that nobody has ever done before, for final project. Then yes, I will have to change my previous concept about Damien and his life. The new concept features some crazy environments. All the things in the story is going to be symbolical, nothing is real.

The story:
It is about a character who lives in a small dinky industrial house high above the sky supported by steel structure. There is only a house and a long platform nothing else. Everyday, the character takes out a radio, walks to the end of the platform, and place the radio there, adjusting the tune. The radio then connected to a wire to generate electricity for the house.

Sometimes the weather will be bad, sometimes good. The electricity then fluctuates between on and off. Until one day, the character fall sleep on the couch and the weather is stormy. He got woken up by thunder and realizes the radio is still outside. With great difficulty he managed to get it back, but it has smashed into pieces by lightning. The scene then ends with him trying to repair the radio back and eventually working again.

The concept:
So the house in the middle of nowhere represents the character's inner worlds. The radio act as the communication between the character and the outer worlds, and they generate electricity to fulfil the character's social life. The weather symbolize the relationship status, whether it's good(sunny) or bad(stormy). When the radio is smashed, it expresses miscommunication that ends up with him being withdrawn into his own world sulking(no electricity). The ending conveys a message that it is always possible to patch things up between a relationship.

The style:
2d animation with sketchy style with some ambience music and a few still backgrounds.

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