Wednesday, March 30, 2011

background making

Right.... making background is super hard. But with practice and perseverance you'll prevail they said. I hope that's the case, I'm tired of drawing all those failed backgrounds. I made friends with some hand cramps too.

Anyway, it's tiring sure, but it's also quite fun. matching all those lines, colors, and characters together in a scene. One of my favourite concept artist is Evgeni Tomov, who created Les Triplettes de Belleville with Sylvain Chomet. If you haven't watch it, I strongly recommend you to. The animation has no dialogue aside from the grunts, laughs, and other miscellaneous sound. The style is very interesting too.

Again background really intrigues me, Evgeni Tomov really has a way with lines. Here are some examples:

And the finished colored piece:

Pictures taken from
If you want to see more go to Evgeni Tomov website or the link above.

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