Monday, March 28, 2011

2D rants

2d animations are really a pain to make, but they're worth it. This site here gives really good lessons on how to draw and animate your character by Doug Compton

As far as the character making goes I feel like I'm somewhat capable of doing. But when it comes to making background that's a big problem. How do I draw the details yet make it looks cartoony? Whenever I tried to draw by reference it ends up being static and realistic, completely incompatible with animations. Shadings are another mystery, I mostly work digitally but would love to achieve a somewhat sketchy and color pencil shadings. If I can just find techniques and brush settings that doesn't look too digital....

This background is from the animation, Sebastien. Notice the subtle brush textures on the items? I wonder if it's digitally or traditionally drawn. Would love to get that kind of look.
Here's another example from Disney's Aristocats.

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