Sunday, March 27, 2011

The adventure of Damien

Lately I've been inspired by the movie Amelie. It's a very sweet and positive movie about enjoying the little magic in life. The colors and the soundtrack sets the mood perfectly, whimsical and magical yet also realistic.

For the self directed project, I want to make an animation about an adventure to discover happiness in life.
My main character will be Damien. He is a gloomy young man with many problems. All the citizen in the town is happy except him. Damien can't help but feeling depressed in his life.

Until one day, he found a strange item/ a strange event/ a strange person (I still haven't thought about it yet). And that starts to slowly change his views. He started seeing things that shouldn't happen (all the citizens become anthropomorphic, fishes start swimming in the air, statues become alive). He becomes bewildered and decided to throw/beat/leave the strangeness that he found that day.

After that he relaxes because everything went back to normal. But after sometime he regrets it because he starts to miss all the weird happenings, it makes his life brighter. So he decided to search for the item/person, with no avail. Disappointed Damien then pretend that he still has the item/person and try to be happy about it. Eventually he discovers that the world is still a great place even without the help of that item/person. The end

For the style probably 3D cartoonish or classic 2D animation.
styles i'm aiming for:
if 3D:

if 2D:

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